Problem with shortcuts and IntelliJ

I use IntelliJ on Manjaro and I need to run a program with an external jar (Gurobi).
The problem is this: if I launch IntelliJ from Application Launcher or Terminal and I run the Java program on IntelliJ, I get the error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no gurobijni90 in
Then, (also in order to see the log outputs of the run) I try to launch IntelliJ navigating in its installation folder: cd /opt/idea-IC-201.7846.76/bin, I run ./ and everything works (no error and Gurobi works fine).

If I create a keyboard shortcut to run the commands cd /opt/idea-IC-201.7846.76/bin && ./ or /opt/idea-IC-201.7846.76/bin/ the program IntelliJ is launched, but no terminal windows is shown. If I run the java program that includes Gurobi (the external jar), I get the same error as above (like the first case I described).

If I run any java program that does not include external jars or libraries, everything works always fine.
I really do not know what to do, because I do not want to launch IntelliJ everytime by navigating in its folder and then launching the .sh file.

Thanks to everybody in advance!

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