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Isso não é frequente mais as vezes eu to ouvindo musica no youtube pelo opera ou pelo arquivos mp3 no meu computador usando o vlc e de repente a musica começa a ficar travando muito, como se estivesse arranhada ou danificado o arquivo. Isso acontece com os vídeos também. Para voltar ao normal tenho que reiniciar o computador.
Alguém sabe por que isso ocorre?

Qual é o pc? Os specs

Check for audio drivers
To check for the presence of audio drivers on your computer, open the Peripheral Manager and click the Start Menu, right-click Computer, and choose Properties from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, click Hardware, and then click Peripheral Manager. In Vista / 7, click the blue circle at the bottom left, then right-click Computer, select Properties, and then click Peripheral Manager in the upper left. In Windows 8, move the cursor to the lower right corner to display the Charms Bar and select Settings. Then click PC Information and the Peripheral Manager available at the top left.

Another window will appear with a list. In XP, the "?" and "!" indicates an incorrectly installed peripheral. In Vista / 7, a yellow triangle appears in front of the improperly installed peripheral. If no yellow question mark appears, you should check the connection of the speakers (jack plug properly inserted into the green jack of the PC, control of the light ...), the Windows mute mode (small speaker in the taskbar ), the Sound item in Control Panel (look at all).

If the audio driver appears under the name of Audio High Definition Peripheral on the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers tab of the Peripheral Manager, a driver is missing for the audio driver to be recognized correctly.

Important: With some modified versions of Windows, such as Windows XP Ultimate, Windows LSD, Windows Gold, it is impossible to properly install the audio peripheral (for example, the audio peripheral will appear as installed correctly, but no sound will come out).

Make sure the Windows audio service has started automatically. Access the Services panel in one of two ways: Open the Start menu> Control Panel> Performance and Maintenance> Administration Tools> Services.

In Vista / 7, click the blue circle in the lower left corner, type Run in the Search bar and confirm with Enter. In the Run window, type Services.msc and confirm with Enter.

In Windows 8 (valid for Vista / 7 as well), press the Windows + R keys at the same time to display the Run window, type Services.msc and confirm with Enter. In the Services window, verify that the Windows Audio service started automatically. If this is not the case, right-click on it and start it...
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precisamos verificar um pouco melhor, digita isso aqui no seu terminal e cola pra gente o resultado

inxi -Fx

fico no aguardo

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