Problems booting and locking up

Been running fine for the most part on Manjaro for years. Recently my laptop started having problems booting up (staying on Manjaro logo with dots). When I press ESC during boot I see these messages (will attach screenshot). It's gotten lately where I just do ctrl+alt+F6 login CLI and startx is the only way to get into XFCE. Also, I always think it has something to do with kernel version I use. In the past if some update ever caused me a problem I could always boot into different kernel version and be fine (then run updates again and Manjaro always fixes problems quickly). In this case, doesn't matter what kernel I use, they all having problems starting the GUI.

On top of that, and probably separate issue, I've been having GUI lock up where I can move the mouse but can't move any windows or interact with anything. That seems to be the Brave web browser which I stopped using temporarily and haven't had a lock up since. When things do lock up, ctrl+alt+F6 doesn't work. Neither does **Alt + PrintScreen + r + e + i + s + u + b. Those use to work when I have problems with the GUI locking up. I've given the laptop hours to see if it would work itself out and it never has. I may have created the boot problem by hard powering down.

That's what's going on. Any suggestions how to proceed in determining why I have to go to CLI and startx to get my GUI?

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Hi I think your issue has to do with Plymouth since it has been removed.

Read this topic:

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Hi, I removed plymouth from /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, rebooted and XFCE login came right up. After I logged in though the screen turned black and stayed black for few minutes until I crtl+f6 and startx from CLI. Pressing ESC didn't get it any information what was going on. I was booting off default kernel which is 5.4.43-1

Also, when I do the ctrl+F6 and startx, I've had my laptop completely lock up eventually (usually after hours of use). Can't move mouse, clock frozen in time, etc.

Silly question, why can't i install this plymouth? Will that help? I did uninstall some virtualbox related packages recently. I did that to be able to delete some old kernels.

Turns out Plymouth was still installed. I removed it then reinstalled it and things seem to be better. Too soon to tell. I will keep testing and report back.

XFCE locked up again. Mouse would not move, keyboard stopped working, heard CPU spin up. Left it to sit for a while and eventually screen turned black. Not sure what happened there so I hard powered it off.

I did have the Brave browser open which is what I suspect is crashing it. I wasn't interacting with it. Only had a tab or two open while using Firefox.

I don't understand what could be locking up where you can't recovery. Other distro I'm able to hotkey and get to CLI or similar and have a chance to stop a process.

No further lock-up but I need to try using Brave browser more to see if its the problem.

No further lock-up but I need to try using Brave browser more to see if its the problem.

Soon as I give that update its locking up again. One page in Firefox bringing the whole system to a halt. A page that I use every month (pay bill) and now its crippling my system. It's not just that one page though. Other sites hang the system. I don't know what to do. Next ill try uninstall/reinstall of the web browser I guess.

Still testing. Not sure the problem is fixed. I also have no sound. It's like its muted but won't let me unmute. I'll make a new thread for that one.

It's just the web browsers becoming unstable from a random website. Surely I'm not the only one who runs into this. How do you force kill an application when its also locking up your mouse and everything? Just surprised this can cripple the system entirely.

Guess I'm on my own on this one. I'll keep searching for ways to regain control over Linux and XFCE when a runaway browser page locks up the entire system. I just thought in Linux you can recover from this without hard power down?

Locked up again. Definitely a fancy website. Had to hard power down. :frowning:

Almost locked up but recovered. Firefox this time

What does "almost" mean in this context? System was sluggish and did not react to input for some time?
That sounds like it ran out of memory.

Also, please see

Yes sluggish as you describe.

Did it again and recovered. I am a newb. I would post more logs and info if I knew where to find it. Is there a log that would record a low memory situation so I can check after the fact? Not sure how I can determined its low memory unless I leave memory meter pulled up somewhere and just wait for it to happen. Thanks

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