Problems installing Manjaro on an SSD that previously had a different distro

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As the title states, I have problems installing Manjaro. The SSD in question currently has Windows 10 1903 installed, and it previously had Solus 4. I'm confident this error is happening because I didn't format the drive when installing W10, I just deleted the partitions (dumb mistake). The problem in question can be seen in the following picture:
Thanks in advance.

You probably need to restore GRUB:

There's another guide here:

can you lauch an de reboot
with USB install manjaro
open a terminal

fdisk -l

Is this when you try to boot from USB or after install?
Because if it's after then yes, as @jonathon says a Grub2 restore seems to be the cure. If it's before then it seems your computer can't find / can't boot from the usb in which case remaking the USB and be sure it's done right is the way to go.

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think :thinking: ... you can try to restore with "parted ".

@jonathon @Beardedgeek72 He deleted the partitions! I dont know why but he did. "grub" restore will not work. Seen on the picture. "Grub" says "Eat my shorts!". He can try to restore partitions. Thats all, i think.

Use this.

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