Problems Installing Manjaro on UEFI

I want to really badly go over to Manjaro but i keep ■■■■■■■ up the install. Iwe used possibly every other distro but Manjaro is the one i want to have. But my rig really hates it. Just to put it in perspective iwe used over 20h just to INSTALL IT. AND I FAILED. If anyone is botherd to tell me how to Dual boot when Grub2 doesnt install on the UEFI BIOS i have would be lovely. Iwe tried launching it from Windows with FreeBSD even, but it seems to be the GRUB doesnt install correctly because i cant find boot.img/grub.img . I might have nothing with it.

I am a intermideate user of linux and i know alot about it.

And after the install with no error it just boots with windows boot.

And often when booting into the USB with manjaro on it (16.06-pre3 KDE) It would just freeze on me. And when the usb was plugged in when i went into the bios it would just freeze up on me. Iwe turned off secure boot and fast boot. Im not certain why this is happening. ON MY LAPTOP AND VIRTUALBOX WITH THE SAME USB everything went all good. So nothing wrong with the iso.

GTX980ti (using non-free drivers)
16gb ram
3x monitors.
1x 250gb ssd (Where i want to dual boot) and 1x 3tb Hdd (steam libary and such)


I found this article
It tells me exatly what i wanted to know about what GPT and UEFI and all that means.

I do NOT have Windows7. The Computer had Windows 8/8.1 and upgraded to Windows10. I do not know why it is in MBR mode AND I WANT GPT.
Iwe had Issues because my PC is installed NOT in UEFI but MBR.
If anyone reads up on this, the simple fix is to use the (the one with green backgound on boot) BUT BE CERTAIN that it is MBR and not UEFI/EFI.

Post output of bootinforscript - run it from any linux livecd: .

I think the most common error on manjaro uefi install is not booting the iso in uefi mode. However, your problems seem to suggest that there is something wrong with the iso itself. Did you check the checksum to see it was okay?

Another common problem is using manjaro with unetbootin. Make sure you use suse studio image writer, isousb, dd, or rufus on windows.

But these are just pokes in the dark. As marcin82 suggested, posting that boot info will probably yield more useful suggestions.

Refind is usually easier to dualboot with on uefi system than grub2.

  1. Download iso and check checksums to see it is intact (I never do this myself)

  2. Write the iso to usb with correct tools

  3. Uefi boot the iso. Make sure you get the black menu with white text (systemd-boot) instead of the the menu with green graphics (syslinux). Otherwise you cannot install uefi bootloader.

  4. install with cli-installer. Remember to mount your ESP to /boot/efi. Go through installation up until the "Install bootloader part". Do not click that option.

  5. Open another terminal. Run

    sudo su
    chroot /install/

  6. Done. Exit the chroot and reboot.

I do get the BNW and i will try your way of installing Manjaro.
But please do help. Im really out of ideas

The SHA1 sums are correct.

@Chrysostomus @marcin82
And heres the settings for Rufus.
And i used ISO mode when promted.

Heres the log from Rufus:

+1 for Refind. I do quintuple boot (manjaro, deepin, solus, android-x86, remix) and Refind makes things really easy than GRUB, it really is a smart boot manager. Just install refind-efi and follow its official documentation. Don't forget to create (and mount) ESP partition, though. This quite commonly happened to those moving from BIOS.

Also, check that you are booted in uefi mode. You can check it in live system by running
sudo modprobe efivars
Everything you do is pointless if you are not booted in uefi mode with live iso.

Another thing: you are trying to install a developement release. Others have had problems with that iso too, so it might be easier to use released install media.

Are you trying to convert existing BIOS/MBR installation into UEFI? I don't know how it is possible to get installer not to throw error with trying UEFI installation on MBR partitioned HDD, but UEFI needs GPT WHILE bootinfoscript says this about /dev/sda:

Disklabel type: dos

All you can do at the moment (with Windows 7 BIOS/Legacy installed) is install Manjaro in the same - BIOS/Legacy mode.

Read about it here:

If I ommited something then sorry.

@Chrysostomus Is 16.06PRE3 a Dev or?

Im not that good with all the UEFI and BIOS hdd thing. GPT and all that. I just want to get Manjaro working in a dual boot. I ■■■■■■ up somewhere but im not sertain where. I will do the install soon. Ill come back with my results.

You should turn in BIOS settings "BIOS Legacy". When installing use only /dev/sda6 as root partition and install Grub2 in MBR of /dev/sda drive (/dev/sda without number).

@marcin82 Im not that stupid. I know the basics of sda. But what you are saying is to run Manjaro in Legacy mode? And wont that ■■■■ up my Windows install?

To install in NON-UEFI mode you should check settings in "BIOS" called CSM and Secure Boot. Read about it in manual of motherborad (3-47 section):

If at this time Windows 7 starts normally without any issues your motherboard works in NON-UEFI mode.

Sometimes something goes wrong. In normal case Grub2 should detect Windows installation and add it to Grub2 menu.

It is prerelease, a sneak peak. It is built with stable repositories, but it is not a released version. Release will be 16.06. This is third preview of that.

Installing in legacy mode can bork your windows, but not if your windows was not installed in uefi mode in the first place. You should find out if that is the case. It would seem so, because windows 7 cannot uefi boot from mbr partition table.

It would seem so, because windows 7 cannot uefi boot from mbr partition table.

Yes, it can. As can linux.
Need bios_grub partitioned and flagged.
And a /boot and flagged.

Thanks for correction!

Thanks for correction!

No, I was wrong. You are correct. In my haste to reply, I misunderstood the point completely.
UEFI cannot boot mbr partitioning.
But bios-legacy can boot gpt partitioning, with the above bios_grub and boot partitions and flagged.
Sorry for the confusion.
I am the one who should stand corrected.
My bad.

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