Problems with Guest Additions

I've a problem... I've Installed Manjaro xfce and now i'm trying to Install guest additions... but it's impossibile... why?

Manjaro comes with guest modules preinstalled for virtualbox.

and what could I do? I would like to use that in full screen...

You should be able to out of the box. What happens when you try it?

Nothing.... but it is alway in "small screen" In these days I tryed to install Linux Mint on virtual Machine with the same commands and it works fine... now with manjaro I've just this problem :frowning:

When you use the *.run file it will render the default manjaro host to nothing, hence you will not be able to use full screen. By default works on all my installs.

Also make sure you use



yes... but I can't select full screen... I don't know why...

I can run in full screen even with dual monitor. This are the Settings to Display in VirtualBOX.


I tryed all... but nothing...

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