Problems with install

normally not needed at all when using dd to create the install USB:

sudo dd if=name-of-iso of=/dev/sdX

Replace name-of-iso with the correct file name of the ISO and sdX for example with sdb if your USB is the second drive. You may use sudo fdisk -l to check for it.

I'm using my wife's laptop in which I'm using Rufus cuz she refused to switch to linux

It's windows 7

A guide on how to create the Install USB on Windows is added to our User Guideline. Look at page 27.

Ok I was looking through it and it said to run Rufus as a DD image. Why not an isolated image?

Sorry iso image

I think my video card is going

I had same issue with my Lenovo S205. What I did was:

  • installed base system from net-16.08 image;
  • made full upgrade to current version at that time;
  • installed KDE and everything else I needed.

Aside from one or two trivial "package: /path/to/file exists in filesystem" pacman issues, everything went smoothly.

So update I tried as specified in To set it as DD image. I got past the bios screen and said grub menu starting and then screen goes black and says format not supported

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