Problems with installing Manjaro

Hello! Yesterday I used a bootable usb to try out Manjaro and I really liked it, but when I tried installing it the only place where I could install it to was the bootable usb despite me having two drives showing normally in Windows 10. Thank you in advance!

Welcome at the forum, @cPrism!

Secure boot disabled in firmware?
Fast Boot disabled in Windows?
Windows installed in UEFI or legacy mode?
Disks formatted in msdos/MBR or GPT?
Windows fully shutdown or only suspended?
What ISO was used for the live stick?
Have you checked its signature?
In what mode the ISO was booted (UEFI/BIOS)?
What system do you have?
Answers to these questions could be helpful to help you.
Also, if you boot the USB stick, please provide output of

inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
sudo fdisk -l
lsblk -f

Perhaps setting the sata controller to AHCI in your firmware settings relsoves the issue.

Secure boot is disabled and so is fast boot
Windows is installed in UEFI
I have KDE Plasma on the usb stick
I don't really know what the rest means

Have you chosen the right harddrive? Check ''select storage device''.

When I click on Select Storage Device it only shows me the usb with no option to select the drives

Did you try to run the partition manager alone ?
click on the menu and type "part" the first one is the partition manager

If you don't know what "the rest" means, :wink: here are some detailed instructions to follow to give us a bit more information on your system:

IOW: you need to help us help you...

:innocent::wink: :+1:

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