Problems with Steam games

I'm running them using proton, because the game runs better :wink:

Do you still have these problems with the native version?

Yes, I installed steam-native and it is the same thing :slightly_frowning_face:


Do you have any ideas? Is it a game problem?

You missed the point I was trying to make there. You said you're running the Windows version of the game via Proton because the game runs better, yet you're posting here saying games are crashing your PC.

But the fps of the game are higher via proton. So, I don't know what's the problem, because it never happened before. By the way, if I don't use proton that happens even more times :pensive:

The problems you described are happening on some games and there are proton versions that contain some fixes. If I recall correctly, such fix came few days ago, so most likely will be included in Proton GE soon. However, because issue is the same, it doesn't mean the fix will fix your games, because the reason for it may be different.

I would check those games on protondb. See if people using some special commands or Proton versions, or maybe you need to install some library or component, etc.

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Thank you very much. :wink:
On protondb no one has this problem.

Usually Steam turns off compositing when playing a game (to avoid possible conflicts between effects and the game) but maybe it doesn't happen to you. Try turn it off manually and then test those games.

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Sorry, but how do I do that?

The names are translated from my language so you may see this a bit different on your system:

System Settings->Display->Compositor

The first option above is "Turn on compositor at startup"
There should be also checkbox below marked with "Allow apps to block composition" - if it is not enabled, check it.
Additionally, you should have OpenGL 3.1 chosen as display engine.
Reboot or restart session.


I'm just fishing. This can be the solution but it may have no effect on this bug. Experiment with those settings.

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So... I'm portuguese. Should it look like this? On the top it says that OpenGL compositor is off because it caused KWin to crash. What should I do now?


EDIT: It's not on the screenshot but I've chosen OpenGL 3.1 :wink:

Should it look like this?


Yeah, it's worth trying. OpenGL 3.1 is the default.
By default, if kwin is crashing due to OpenGL or composition, it disables it, so you have to go to the setting and enable it again. If the crashes happen frequently, then you have to figure out what is wrong, but if occasionally, you can ignore them. Usually, when configuring and personalizing system, crashes happen, but when you don't change settings later, they should be rare.

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Thanks! I'll test the game now :wink:

When I open the game, the system doesn't freeze any more. That's better :smiley:
But when I use Shift+TAB to close the steam panel, it freezes a bit and doesn't close. When I'm lowering/raising the sound it freezes again.

Is it a KDE issue, a Steam issue or something else? :frowning:

Try a different kernel.

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Could you please say why should I try a different one? I don't want to mess my system :wink:

it shouldn't mess up your system. If you try a kernel and your system doesn't like it, you can easily switch back.

As far as "why"? Changing kernels to troubleshoot issues is pretty common.

I see you're on kernel 5.6.16. Try an older kernel, such as 5.5 or 5.4. Usually requires a reboot. More than likely the kernel is not the issue, but it is a good troubleshooting step to get out of the way.

By the way, what is the package name and version of Steam you are running?

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Hard to say. I don't have it on my KDE install, but each system and games behave differently with different hardware components.

For starters, you have only 8GB RAM, which is not too much. I have also 8GB and it's OK for the most time, but I configured dynamic swap file and my SSD memory is relatively fast, so it can expand if needed, plus my RAM is also fast.

Secondly, your CPU is i5 but relatively new generation, so this looks fine.

Your GPU can do some gaming but it's not awesome for gaming. So it simply may come down to the fact that both RAM and GPU are struggling with some quick changes when it comes to switching windows. As to the freezes during volume change, this sound like a bug of some sort.

Since you have hybrid graphics, how did you configure it?

Show me output of:

mhwd -li

Are you sure your Nvidia is working when you are playing the game? Maybe Intel is doing the work as CPU and GPU and it's been struggling, hence the issues?

If you open Steam and dgo to Help->System Information, what does it say under Graphical Card, Driver?

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