Problems with Steam games

When I open the game, the system doesn't freeze any more. That's better :smiley:
But when I use Shift+TAB to close the steam panel, it freezes a bit and doesn't close. When I'm lowering/raising the sound it freezes again.

Is it a KDE issue, a Steam issue or something else? :frowning:

Try a different kernel.

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Could you please say why should I try a different one? I don't want to mess my system :wink:

it shouldn't mess up your system. If you try a kernel and your system doesn't like it, you can easily switch back.

As far as "why"? Changing kernels to troubleshoot issues is pretty common.

I see you're on kernel 5.6.16. Try an older kernel, such as 5.5 or 5.4. Usually requires a reboot. More than likely the kernel is not the issue, but it is a good troubleshooting step to get out of the way.

By the way, what is the package name and version of Steam you are running?

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Hard to say. I don't have it on my KDE install, but each system and games behave differently with different hardware components.

For starters, you have only 8GB RAM, which is not too much. I have also 8GB and it's OK for the most time, but I configured dynamic swap file and my SSD memory is relatively fast, so it can expand if needed, plus my RAM is also fast.

Secondly, your CPU is i5 but relatively new generation, so this looks fine.

Your GPU can do some gaming but it's not awesome for gaming. So it simply may come down to the fact that both RAM and GPU are struggling with some quick changes when it comes to switching windows. As to the freezes during volume change, this sound like a bug of some sort.

Since you have hybrid graphics, how did you configure it?

Show me output of:

mhwd -li

Are you sure your Nvidia is working when you are playing the game? Maybe Intel is doing the work as CPU and GPU and it's been struggling, hence the issues?

If you open Steam and dgo to Help->System Information, what does it say under Graphical Card, Driver?

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I'm running steam-native
By the way, I found a package called linux-steam-integration in Pamac. What does it do?

Thanks. I'll try them :wink:
EDIT: Which one?


So... I don't think it's a hardware issue because I never faced this :slightly_frowning_face:

[xicomaia@xicomaia-manjaro ~]$ mhwd -li
> Installed PCI configs:
                  NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE
video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime            2019.10.25               false            PCI

Warning: No installed USB configs!

Informações do computador:
    Fabricante: Unknown
    Modelo: Unknown
    Tipo: Portátil
    Sem input táctil

Informação do processador:
    Fabricante do CPU: GenuineIntel
    Marca do CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz
    Família do CPU: 0x6
    Modelo do CPU: 0x8e
    Versão do CPU: 0xa
    Tipo do CPU: 0x0
    Velocidade: 1600 Mhz
    8 processadores lógicos
    4 processadores físicos
    HyperThreading:  Suportado
    FCMOV:  Suportado
    SSE2:  Suportado
    SSE3:  Suportado
    SSSE3:  Suportado
    SSE4a:  Não suportado
    SSE41:  Suportado
    SSE42:  Suportado
    AES: Suportado
    AVX: Suportado
    AVX2: Não suportado
    AVX512F: Não suportado
    AVX512PF: Não suportado
    AVX512ER: Não suportado
    AVX512CD: Não suportado
    AVX512VNNI: Não suportado
    SHA: Não suportado
    CMPXCHG16B: Suportado
    LAHF/SAHF: Suportado
    PrefetchW: Não suportado

Versão do Sistema Operativo:
    "Manjaro Linux" (64 bits)
    Nome do Kernel: Linux
    Versão do Kernel: 5.6.16-1-MANJARO
    Editora de Servidor X: The X.Org Foundation
    Versão de Servidor X: 12008000
    Gestor de janelas X: KWin
    Versão Runtime do Steam: <Runtime disabled>

Placa gráfica:
    Driver: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce MX130/PCIe/SSE2
    Versão do driver: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 440.82
    Versão do OpenGL: 4.6
    Profundidade de cor do ambiente de trabalho: 24 bits/pixel
    Taxa de Atualização do Monitor: 59 Hz
    Código do fabricante: 0x10de
    Código do dispositivo: 0x174d
    Revisão não detetada
    Número de monitores:  1
    Número de placas gráficas lógicas: 1
    Resolução do monitor principal: 1366 x 768
    Resolução do ambiente de trabalho: 1366 x 768
    Tamanho do monitor principal: 13.54" x 7.64" (15.51" diag)
 34.4cm x 19.4cm (39.4cm diag)
    Bus principal: PCI Express 4x
    VRAM principal: 2048 MB
    Modos MSAA suportados: 2x 4x 8x 16x 

Placa de som:
    Dispositivo de áudio: Realtek ALC255

    RAM:  7837 Mb

Hardware de R.V.:
    Headset de R.V.: Nenhum encontrado

    Idioma da interface:  Português (Portugal)
    Idioma: pt_PT.UTF-8
    Espaço total disponível em disco:  112967 Mb
    Maior bloco livre no disco rígido:  46569 Mb

If you need translation, just say :wink:

Thank you very much to both for your help.

Anything strange on that I posted? :thinking:

I think there is a Steam-Manjaro package, I don't have my machine available to look right now to verify if that is the correct package name, but I'm finding that on the forum. I would suggest installing that.

Kernels, I would give 5.4.44-1 a try. If it doesn't work, you can easily switch back or try other kernels.

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Well... Thank you :wink:
Manjaro come preinstalled with Steam-Manjaro and I installed Steam-native, to see if it would improve.

About kernels, I'll try later :smile:

I do not know why, but I think Steam-Manjaro was created for compatibility reasons. Please try that

EDIT: I found it. This was the first post to get the community to test the Steam-Mnajaro package.

EDIT2: Make sure to reset Steam with command line steam --reset this way it will act as a fresh install.

Thanks again :smile:

I have both installed, should I remove steam-native?


And what about linux-steam-integration?

You can have both installed. steam-native is optional and linux-steam-integration enhances it's abilities. I have all three installed. That way native libraries are being used instead of the older Steam Runtime libraries. However, sometimes that can cause issues. If so, you can uninstall the latter two.

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Thank you :wink:

I'll install the package and see if it improves :smiley:

Well... :sweat_smile:

Well, what? Read the descriptions. :wink:

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Steam native is not Steam per see, let me quote arch wiki:

The steam-native script launches Steam with the STEAM_RUNTIME=0 environment variable making it ignore its runtime and only use system libraries.

I use steam-native myself and so far it worked well for me, but it is possible that it could cause issues with some games. On other hand, since the system libs are newer, it could also improve some games. So it could be positive or negative, but for the most part it works well.

Anyway, it looks like your driver setup is correct and nvidia is working, so it's hard to pin point what is causing the issue. Like I said, every hardware and software setup is different so you need to experiment and maybe you find solution, but since those issues aren't universal (most people don't have them on those games), we can't give any simple solution, only various suggestions.

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Thanks anyway :wink:

You can go through journald, kernel, DM, kernel, xorg logs and look for time stamps where the freezes occurred. Maybe there is a hint there what is happening. Plasma has a nice log utility where you can see the most important ones.

Ideally, you could watch in real time processes and I/O when doing switching or changing volume, but I don't think is possible since it freezes everything or am I wrong? Hmmm...

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It freezes for about 10secs :frowning:

This sounds like CPU spike, but what is causing it? Maybe you find a way to observe it somehow.

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