Process substitution in conky

I got poor hope but does anyone know a way to use process substitution inside conky ?
I'm trying to use that:

paste <(netstat -utn | awk '{print $5}' | sed '1,2d' | sed '/' | awk 'sub(/\:[0-9]+/,"")' | uniq) <(netstat -utn | awk '{print $5}' | sed '1,2d' | sed '/' | awk 'sub(/\:[0-9]+/,"")' | uniq | xargs -n 1 geoiplookup 2>/dev/null | sed '/City Edition/d' | sed -r 's/GeoIP [a-zA-Z]+ Edition\: //g' | sed -r 's/, .+//g' | xargs -n 2 -d'\n')

which give me this kind of output:	US AS16509	GB AS35425 Bytemark Limited	IE AS16509	NL AS14907 Wikimedia Foundation	IE AS16509

(1st column correspond to the first process substitution, 3 last to the 2nd one)

But inside conky:
Error: sh: -c: ligne 0: erreur de syntaxe près du symbole inattendu « ( »
Trad: sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected symbole « ( »

Tried to recompile conky with bash but:

bash: -c: ligne 0: fin de fichier (EOF) prématurée lors de la recherche du « ) » correspondant
bash: -c: ligne 1: erreur de syntaxe : fin de fichier prématurée

Pipe it to a file and use cat?

your_very_long_command > netstat.txt
${execpi 60 cat /path/to/netstat.txt}

Not tested.



Save chmod +x

${execpi 60 /path/to/}

Tested - working

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