Program doesn't open (Pamac)


I've reinstalled Manjaro a few times and I'm close to giving up. Sorry for the rant.

The system always boots up without WiFi. Why's that?
It says that F12 is activated (bash coming down).

I can't open Pamac. I've tried updating everything (it was a fresh install after all) but it still didn't work. It just blinks on the panel (task bar) and disappears again.

Does anyone know what's happening?
I'm ready for a last clean install but if it doesn't work out again, I'll go back to Windows. I'm seriously upset as I've spent a few hours setting everything up and learning about Linux.

Thank you.

You will have to be more specific than that..

So youve reinstalled a bunch of times?
So installation is successful?
So you are talking about an installed system? Not the Live system?
What ISO are you using ? (link to download?)

No idea. What wireless card do you have?
Do you mean it starts disconnected but you can connect after?
Or do you mean it doesnt work at all?
Did it work in the Live version?

What happens if you launch it from the terminal?
Maybe it wont work well without network ..

No. Because you didnt provide very much good information.

(PS - the 'f12' thing you mentioned is probably 'yakuake' drop-down terminal .. if you dont like it, disable or remove it .. it has nothing to do with the rest of your 'issues')

Open a terminal and type pamac-manager to start the graphical UI. Else try the cli version, which is pamac.

The installation has been successful.
I've used Manjaro for a few days now and somehow I was able to resolve the issue I had with the Pamac Manager. It opens without any problems.

Thank you very much!

I'll be more thorough next time.

Regarding the WiFi issue:
I'm on a Lenovo ThinkPad T480s and I haven't experienced that with any other OS (Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu, Fedora).
Basically, the system starts disconnected and gets automatically connected after a few seconds. I tend to have a few windows open (Firefox and LibreOffice Writer) and sites aren't able to load - I have to manually refresh them.

It's the newest version (I guess). It's Manjaro 20.0.1.

You were right regarding "yakuake". I've disabled it already. Thank you so, so much!

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