Pulseaudio and OpenRC

To use pulseaudio in OpenRC, following packages could be installed:

pulseaudio pulseaudio-alsa pavucontrol

After installing above packages, /etc/pulse/client.conf can be edited and following line can be REMOVED:

autospawn = no

After making above changes, one can logout and log back in and check if pulseaudio is running:

$ pgrep -l pulseaudio
2006 pulseaudio

what does trhe autospawn thing do?

From the docs:

"Autospawning" means that when a PulseAudio client tries to connect 
to the server, but the server isn't running, the server gets 
automatically started. The feature is part of libpulse, and it's 
completely transparent to applications, that is, applications don't have
 to explicitly add support for autospawning, autospawning is done 
automatically as part of the connection process of any PulseAudio 

Autospawning is the usual way to start the server. The server gets started when the first application wants to connect to it.

Autospawning can be disabled by setting "autospawn = no" in 
~/.config/pulse/client.conf or /etc/pulse/client.conf. In that case the 
server needs to be started manually.

I think the issue here was that Arch / Manjaro used systemd to start the pulseaudio server, hence had autospawn = no

Removing it allowed pulseaudio to start on OpenRC which previously only started the client.

Doesn't the same problem happen with X?

Thanks, @aaditya! I added a tutorial tag, maybe users will find it easier then.

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I did everything right, but now only shows me "boba exit"
pulseaudio seems that is running correctly.

hello friend, excuse me, but do not really understand what you say.
I have two computers installed openrc Manjaro and plasma.
in the laptop everything works fine, pulseaudio shows me well and have audio outputs audio.
on the desktop only shows me "boba out," I compared the permissions of the "press" folder and all its files, and both teams have the same permissions, and I think the same files.
I do not understand that I must do, of course, on the computer that shows me "boba out," pulseaudio is running properly.

Currently the folder belongs to the group "users" and permissions they have are:
RWX owner
owner group ---
others ---

forgive my English from google, I only speak Spanish
Thank you

I was refering to my post to close my issue. sorry for the inconvenience, as this was not directly related to manjaro. Post has been deleted to avoid confusion. I hope someone can suggest a solution for you.:frog:


I am not sure what boba out means..

Do you get a running process for pulseaudio when you try the command pgrep -l pulseaudio ?

If the above is giving empty output, you could try running start-pulseaudio-x11 from the command line and post the output in english.

[manjaro-fransis@manjaro ~]$ pgrep -l pulseaudio
2537 pulseaudio
[manjaro-fransis@manjaro ~]$ start-pulseaudio-x11

and if I run the "start pulseaudio" absolutely nothing happens, or I get anything for the terminal.
in principle as you can see, PulseAudio is running.
Thanks for your help

So it seems that pulseaudio is up and running. The problem likely then is related to the device handling or configuration I think.

I am not an expert, maybe this link can help

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