Purpose of Pamac-QT

What exactly is the purpose of pamac-QT?
Why can't pamac-gtk just be used?

First, it is a cool project that somebody used to scratch an itch.
Second, it will find users, as many KDE and LXQt users try to avoid gtk apps.

There is this constant QT vs. GTK framework war going on. Pamac-QT tries to replace the GTK based UI in that case. However, it is far behind of pamac development, currently.

How most applications get developed. Gotta love open sauce. :smiley:

Is there any advantage when using QT instead of Gtk?

Why would users avoid gtk apps?

qt is way sexier


Only if you develop using QT.

Social distancing? :wink:

It's kind of like a Reeses commercial....chocolate in my peanut butter, etc.

They are two distinct toolkits. KDE Plasma is developed using QT. GNOME and their ilk in GTK. Same with applications specific to those DEs.

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From my limited knowledge, I heard that QT-based system loads GTK apps slower and vice-versa. Also, some theme inconsistency may happen.

In Plasma, Pamac-QT will conform to windows size and position rules, Pamac gtk will not.

It works OK, but you can't paste text into its search field.

maybe the last update fixed that because apparently you now can, I just copied pamac-QT from your post and successfully pasted it in pamac-gtk :slight_smile:

@dobedobedo I've not noticed any speed difference between gtk and qt apps loading in Plasma. Maybe it's more noticeable with an HDD?

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I'm addicted to windows remembering size and position, to the point that it is a deal breaker for me.

Too bad, because it severely limits my options in DE's. I'll have to work on that.

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I get the position thing, for me it's badly rendered UI elements.

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