Push RAM to SWAP periodically, like backup...

I was wandering recently, could SWAP be periodically updated with the data from RAM?

To my understanding, the way hibernation works is:

  1. Push all data from RAM onto a SWAP partition that is on the Hard Disk
  2. Shut off PC
  3. When booting again, pull all data from SWAP into RAM

Couldn't you then also be able to repeat the 1. step periodically(like every 30-45 minutes), and then (in case of a crash) simply reboot the PC and have it naturally continue from the SWAP like it would in step 3.

If not: why so?
If yes: links and explanations plz.

P.S. If you know of the technology but not how it works, don't sweat it. I think I could manage if I knew where to start.

Watch this documentary


after: No synchronization between ram and disk:

  • corrupted logs
  • Resume work that has already been done and saved to disk ???? !!! for example if resuming in the middle of a file upload or download ... now client send nothing or file is closed !
  • resuming work when some files have disappeared from the disk (for example in http: user session file or a temporary upload file already renamed)
  • if you are using a database server: transfer of entries that have already saved, thus corrupting database.
  • resuming at middle of a pacman -Syu ....
  • ... ... ...

Another analogy.. would be like as "resume" at the middle of a dive from 10m high in a pool that as been emptied after the "snapshot" has been "saved". I would not like to see the result :thinking:


Thanks for the replies. This puts things into perspective.

Dual boot XFCE and KDE setup sharing a swap partition.
Boot Manjaro XFCE, hibernate to swap.
Boot Manjaro KDE with the same swap.

I have been wondering the outcome, has anyone actually tried something like this? I know it messes up but i'd like to watch that sometime.

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