Pycharm - Unable to install! Please help

I am trying to install pycharm-professional, but there are a few dependencies which are not getting installed.
and because of them pycharm is not getting installed. I am posting a screenshot of the same. Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?

I would install "python2-stuptools" from thr rep'os first i,e. sudo pacman -S python2-setuptools

That didn't work...
However I downloaded tarball of pycharm and installed it manually. It seems to start now, but how do i make sure that everything is working properly?

I found a way that works for me:

  1. Download tarball (.tar.gz) of the pycharm you want to install from the official site .
  2. Extract the downloaded .tar.gz file to your home/$user/ folder, where $user = your username.
  3. Navigate to the extracted folder home/$user/pycharm-extracted/bin.
  4. Find and Execute
  5. Now the installer will launch. Follow through the installation process as per your requirements.

////The above solution will only work if you are using oracle's jdk instead of open jdk

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