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I am using Manjaro for 3 day now. Mostly to learn python and linux itself and aside of a regular usage it is frustrating to do more demanding tasks than checking email or learning the basic programming (that is why I am using it). Most of issues I could resolve myself or with help of my books, this I could not. My IT experience is mostly hardware repairs and macOS/Windows.

I cant update pycharm. I found a topic here and jetbrains, but it is not helping (or I have no idea what it is doing). The issue is of course - PyCharm does not have write access to /app/pycharm. Please run it by a privileged user to update`.

I found, and run sudo updatedb in konsole - command not found.
sudo locate the same. But why locate - I know where it is.
So: sudo /usr/share/pycharm/bin/ , password and it started to do something which ended with warning java msg, (do not remeber exacly, but probably) and my VM with manjaro was frozen. So... Not really understand what that will do:

If it comes to the Arch community repo, it still contains the 2018.1-1 package. However, your installations asks to be launched with sudo privileges to perform auto-update. All you need is to enter /opt/your-pycharm-directory/bin (or wherever you installed PyCharm) and run sudo ./

(from How do I update PyCharm to its latest version?)

This -> /opt/sudo /usr/share/pycharm/bin should I write to konsole and run and than this -> sudo ./ ?
Tried and it does not work.
Which is no surprise when I use Linux for 3 days :confused: and bash is definitely behind my soldering skills.


P.S. I haven`t been using forums since 2007. What a nostalgic come back :smiley:

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If you installed pycharm from the repos, you need to update it from the repos. If the version of pycharm in the repos is out of date it needs to be reported. In this case, it looks like it was flagged out of date a couple of weeks ago.

If you want a manually updated version, you need to uninstall the version you have and manually install it somewhere else.

Personally, I would recommend waiting for the repo version to be updated. Is there something critical in the latest release you need urgently?


Regardless of the Linux distribution, the IntelliJ stuff like IDEA, PyCharm or Android Studio, if installed as a package, may need to be started with sudo to install updates / plugins. It's as well uncomfortable, as dangerous. If you by any chance open a project as sudo, you may be unable to open it as a regular user later.

It's recommendable to install by just downloading .tar.gz from the manufacturer's site and unpacking somewhere into your home folder (e.g. ~/.local/bin/pycharm ).

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Yup, I`ve installed it from the repos and the version is 2018.3.5-1.
It looks that I will have to wait for the new ver. in repos.
Btw - how you update software from the repos? My search results are showing how to update OS, download/remove software or update repository references (so many new things...).

It is nothing critical. I hope. I am just use to have all up to date. Old habit from my windows support days :slight_smile: Thanks for help! Have a good weekend!

Thanks! I will do that. Living in apple environment for the past 9 years made me very cosy, lazy and used to "the only way" ... Linux is like a fresh air.

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You just update your system. It updates all the packages in the system. One of the things that makes Linux so great is the ability to update the whole system and everything on it with a single command.

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Very true. However, hardcore Archers don't like the IntelliJ stuff. I'm not one of them, having Pycharm, IDEA and Android Studio installed. :wink:

Hohoho! I am very far from being a "hardcore Archer". And the road is long :smiley: I change to macOS after years of 1st and 2ns line Windows support, just to have a tool which I can rely on. And I am very happy with it. Lately I just found myself in a situation where my knowledge started to degrade and I needed to rectify that. Repairing an macbook motherboard or a guitar is a different set of skills than I had before. Anyway - off topic. Thanks again!

I think PyCharm is a great IDE. Even more so if you are in the learning process with Python. It is filled with helpful assists.


It is! I could have it on my macOS, but I wanted to have it separated from my main system. VM is a good idea to have my computer clean when I can break something :wink: And the tutorials I am using are for pycharm. I`ve even got a "Blackhat python" book for my birthday a couple of years ago, but my friend forgot that I did physical penetesting, not coding :smiley:

If you're new to both Linux and Python, expect a lot of fun.

BTW: for over 40 days I've been working on an opensource game in Python /pyglet, just for fun and to learn some more Python. Last 2 nights I spent on coding some php which I need on the server side, and it's a nightmare in comparison to Python. :smiley:

do not tell me about php... I have win10 on another VM just for Active Dir and sql - which is boring. Manjaro for my python, php and linux trainings :smiley: CSS is on my macOS. Manjaro is the new exiting stuff which is driving me crazy and kicking out of my comfort zone. Which I love. I felt the same when I hot rodded my first guitar or diagnosed a broken Fender Rhodes :smiley: I am just a simple anthropologist. Good night!

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All the best, and have fun! I'm getting back to my damned php. :slight_smile:

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