QA Engineer wants to give back to the Manjaro community.


My name is Vadim Klimets.
I'm a QA Engineer (Manual + Automation Testing and moving to the DevOps/TestOps).
I use Manjaro everyday.
That's why I want to give back to the Manjaro community.

How can I do it?
Thank You in advance.


You can contact the developers and maintainers directly via PM.

What are your skills in the area OS programming?

My skills relate to the web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Data Bases) mostly where I earn money.
Atlassian Products, Clubhouse, Katalon Studio, Slack, some GitHub, GitLab, Git.
Some Python, SQL, AWS, Bash.


By the way, what is "PM"?

"Private Message". :wink:

Thank You for a hint.:slightly_smiling_face:

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you can view(help) all manjaro projects on gitlab

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Thank You for a hint.:slightly_smiling_face:

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In addition to that, something you can do without any kind of special permission or discussion with the team is to go on Testing (or even Unstable if you are reckless adventurous) and be a guinea pig for Manjaro, give reports on if it went well or not, and maybe even help troubleshooting and solving issues before updates goes on Stable.

Generally, discussions about what's going on in Testing/Unstable are done in the various Testing/Unstable update release announcement (when there is one), or in Manjaro Development -> Testing/Unstable branch.


Well, you can do some testing of Manjaro-specific/community stuff, give advice, and find bugs, such as: pacui, pamac, pamac-qt, mhwd. There are many other community projects.

One VERY huge thing is to assist in updating the Manjaro Wiki.

You can also run your system in testing so that you can help test and report issues/bugs so that they can be fixed before releasing to Stable.


you can use the unstable branch of manjaro.
i have done it for at least 3 years and only needed to fix my system by downgrading packages or using the live cd a couple of times.
updates in the unstable branch arrive much more often (almost every day) compared to the stable branch.
you should not use the unstable branch on a production system!

be sure to report problems (and read about problems other people have with it) in this forum category (always post in the latest topic, if you use the latest update).

you can look at any application(s) or part(s) of manjaro you want to report bugs or recommend improvements.
i recommend you start to do that for your favorite part (or application) of manjaro. this way, both the developer and you benefit at the same time.


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