Qbittorrent sometimes opens a second client

Since switching from qt5ct to kvantum, i noticed a weird behavior with qbittorrent when opening a torrent to add to it : instead of being asked to add the torrent in the currently running qbittorrent client, i am asked so in a newly opened one.

I know that when trying to open a new client while one is currently running, qbittorrent first check if there is already one running, and closes if it does find one. So obviously, seeing a second one opening leaves me perplexed.

Also another weird thing. When opening a Qt application, the associated task is sometimes named "Qt Client Leader Window" instead of the usual application name in xfce4-taskmanager ; although top and ps still return the correct command name for that application.

I'd like to report that, but i don't know where lies the fault. I think kvantum is the one meddling with the task name, though qbittorrent may also not check the correct process information. What's your take on this?

Big question - locally saved torrent files ? Or links in the browser ? Or both ?
(you can see where I'm going with this - wondering if the browser launch is at fault or mime etc)


I'm getting the same output for every QT based application in xfce4-taskmanager (tested apps: qBittorent, VLC, KeePassXC, Manjaro Settings Manager), although I'm not using Kvantum at all.

As for the issue regarding the second instance of qBittorrent, I couldn't reproduce it on my system. I only got one instance of the program when trying to open a second .torrent file.

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The torrents usually come from browser links (Firefox).

But seeing where you're trying to go, i remember i also got the issue of a second client opening just by launching it from the panel.
As i use two workspaces, i sometimes need to add a torrent from the other workspace. Clicking on the link prompts the Add torrent, but on the same workspace as the client. The trick i found to bring it to my current workspace without actually switching workspaces is to click on its launcher in my top panel. This usually moves the existing client to my current workspace, with the Add torrent prompt, allowing me to continue.
But a few times, the launcher opened a new client in my current workspace, leaving the existing one (and its prompt) in the other.

Nice try though. :beer:

Even on my end it rarely happens, like maybe once a month.
One thing i did spot the last time it happened is that the existing client was showing as "qbittorrent" in the task manager, whereas the new one was "Qt Client Leader Window".

Based on that, i decided to do a little search. It seems the name is a Qt issue:

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