Question about boot options on fresh dual-boot system

For a little bit of background, I'd say I'm experienced enough with Linux in general to work on the command line and change configuration settings, but I've never used it as my primary OS. I've used Ubuntu variants in VMs and on old machines for fun, but I have very little experience outside the Ubuntu world and no experience relying on Linux heavily. My goal is to change that.

I recently built a computer for the first time (yay!), and I've installed Manjaro and Windows 10 (for Photoshop and a couple of other image editing tools).

I followed this tutorial and everything seems to have worked pretty well. It's worth mentioning that I installed Manjaro on an NVME SSD and Windows on a separate SATA SSD, as I think the tutorial may be assuming that both operating systems are being installed on the same drive.

After going through the process the machine booted directly to Windows by default, which I was able to fix in BIOS. However, I'm a little puzzled about the boot options I have:


When I set either "UEFI OS" or "Manjaro" first, I see the GRUB menu on startup.

What's the difference between choosing "UEFI OS" vs simply "Manjaro"? I haven't been able to find one through experimentation, it seems to behave the same way in either case.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I don't think there is - but it could be a default thing the firmware created..

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