Question about post-chroot and potential issues updating

Hello there everybody,
A couple days ago a lot of you helped me fix some issues i was having. Pretty much i updated through Octopi and somehow it messed up/deleted systemd/libsystemd. After chrooting to reinstall them my computer works fine. Octopi gave me 3 new updates the next morning:


Should i update these? I just installed them the night before so im a bit weary of messing them up again. Thank you!

Link to my previous questions:

Those packages weren't messed up before. They were missing. I don't know how they got removed, but updating shouldn't cause any problem.

And if it does, now you know how to fix it!

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True. Haha I really need my computer today though for work so i wouldnt want to mess something up worse than before. Ill wait a day and update them and report back. Thanks for being consistently available to help @cimarronline! Youre the GOAT man!

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