R8168 default installed driver

Sorry to bother you Jonathon, but I didn't think this rated a separate post, As far as I know all the desktop editions install the proprietary r8168 realtek driver by default.

The r8168 driver used to be the best choice for this NIC. However on recent (4.19/20) kernels this is no longer the case.

Many people have been losing connectivity using the r8168 driver when upgrading lately. I think defaulting to the r8169 kernel module would probably be a much better choice for most installs.

That would also be one less diver to taint the kernel as well as saving the space of the rather large proprietary driver install package.

Basically there have been so many of these issues that I pretty much automatically assume any lost LAN connection is an r8168 issue now. The r8169 kernel module has been the far better choice lately, and it would seem to be the more logical choice as the default driver for the r8168.

Just thought I'd mention that as it could save a lot of network support issues. The r8168 adapter is probably by far the most widely used NIC for wired connections, so this issue affects a lot of people.

The only reason it's not mentioned even more often is most people use a wireless connection these days. I suspect a lot of these issues are hidden from a lot of people, because they never use a wired connection (until their wifi breaks). Then the post is my wifi and my lan are broken.

Just thought I'd put the bug in your ear.


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