Radeon Vs. NVIDIA

Hi all,
I'm thinking of buying a better graphic card. Right now I've got a cheap ($49 CAD) Gigabyte NVIDEA GeForce 210. My Mboard is a Gigabyte AMD AB350 Gaming 3.
My question is which is card would be better supported, a Radeon graphic card or an NVIDEA graphic card? I look around on the forum but couldn't find an answer.

maybe because you write it wrong. It's Nvidia, not NvIdea :wink: That question has been answered several times, for example here:

or here:

or here:

Those are just examples that I posted.

for the switching of the cards, look here:

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BS86, thanks for the swift reply and the examples given. Thanks also for the correction regarding the spelling of NVIDIA.

Also, while recommendations requests get stamped on fairly quick around here. here's my two cents worth.

AMD drivers are fairly robust and you could do much worse than an 8GB Radeon RX570 or RX580 which are quite affordable now and more comparable in performance to a GTX950/GTX960 respectively than your Geforce 210.

The RX cards I mention have also been around long enough to have decent linux support already.

Also do not forget about checking if your current PSU will be able to handle a more powerful card.

Thanks micsim35, I was looking at an RX570, which for my needs is good. The recommendation is that I have at least a 400W PSU. I have a 600W PSU. Again, my thanks.

so nvidia then huh? :smirk:

The GeForce 210 is not a very good card. I’d recommend trying to look for a faster card that is used, or on sale. AMD is generally better on Linux than Nvidia due to AMDs attempts to help those making free Radeon drivers. I hear these days however, Nvidia is paying more attention to the Linux drivers as gaming on Linux becomes a real thing.

and im sure eventually, when they have to, they will start to care more and pay more attention to linux instead of catering to windows only. i have nvidia now but if i were to get something new it would be amd.

I have four ancient AMD cards, and one ancient Nvidia one. The Nvidia one causes random crashes and occasional suspend issues. The AMD ones do not. Go AMD legacy hardware support!

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i had nvidia 980 GTX 4GB Ram , now i switched to Amd RX580 Nitro+ 8GB, and i am getting lower FPS in CS GO. I use the Free drivers for Amd because with others i get problem. With nvidia i get about 140 - 230 Fps in games, with amd and the free drivers 60 - 104 fps.
What i see the nvidia drivers are much better.

something is terribly wrong with your system. According to several benchmarks with working systems the RX580 outperforms the 980 in almost all games:

that might be the reason why your system does not work well anymore. There are no other drivers for AMD then the free ones. Whatever you did to install the enterprise proprietary driver for Ubuntu/RHEL (or whatever you want to tell us with "others") could have borked things on your Manjaro install.

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