RAID Installations ? How?

Hi, I want to setup two computers with raid installations(RAID 0 and RAID 1) using the KDE ISO and I want to use Manjaro but the installer is not supporting RAID installations.

In the old days I was using CLI Installer for RAID's , so easy to set it up and it was like a 5 mins installation but now without CLI Installer I am literally stuck.

Well I have created the raid , mount it but how do I proceed with the Manjaro installation? The new Manjaro installer doesn't recognize raids even if I mounted the raid disk.Are there any commands to manually install Manjaro to the destination I want?
Should I download Architect for this? or can I download CLI Installer from somewhere?

Any help will be appreciated


You can download the manjaro-architect ISO from the main site downloads page.

I think it supports RAID.


Looking at the Prepare Installation section and I don't think it does.

Are you using hardware of software RAID?

Software RAID can be implemented using either LVM or BTRFS, so in that case it loosely supports RAID I suppose.

Carefully read the Arch RAID wiki entry and see if you can reference this setup in the Prepare Installation section of m-a.

I'm not sure if mdadm block partition software RAID can be mounted and installed into using m-a.

Unfortunately Manjaro Architect is not supporting raid installation

I have done a lot of Raid installations using CLI Installer but I guess now there is no way to install RAID with Manjaro.
(Well done to the person who removed the CLI Installer)

Anyone knows what is the last ISO version of Manjaro that supports the cli Installer and where to download it ?

I have tried also Antergos but is the same case no raid support from the installer.

I guess the only choice is to go with Arch or any other Debian distros if I want to use RAID.

RAID is on @Chrysostomus' manjaro-architect todo list.

One major core functionality I would wish to see is RAID support

I will probably need help implementing this feature, because I don’t have hardware to setup RAID and no experience in the field what so ever.

Would you be willing to assist with its implementation in a future manjaro-architect release? Someone with a working RAID setup would be invaluable.

Raid can be done with manjaro-architect by manually creating it, mounting it under /mnt and setting appropriate hooks to mkinitcpio.conf. But yes, unfortunately there is no automation of any kind for RAID yet. Btrfs raid is pretty easy to do and can also be added after the fact, but we are probably talking about mdadm here, right?

The original cli installer was abandoned, because it did not have a maintainer and new isos did not work with it anymore. And since there had already long been talks of moving to netinstall model, I forked a new installer.

For me, the biggest benefit of manjaro-architect is the same as that of the old installer: you can stop manually mount partitions or do other tweaks, if the installer doesn't support it. The old installer rarely did exactly what I wanted (it usually failed bootloader installation with uefi), but it gave me space to fix things myself. Manjaro-architect should provide you with the same.

I have created my raid and mounted it
So I wonder if I just unsquash the Manjaro ISO image to my raid destination hard disk it will work. Anyone knows how to unsquash the Manjaro KDE iso image to a destination disk?

After that I can go to mkinitcpio and modify



HOOKS="base udev mdadm_udev autodetect modconf block pcmcia resume filesystems keyboard keymap fsck usr shutdown"

And finally modify fstab and install grub and hopefully that it will work

I manage to extract all the files to raid HD , did all the changes but then I failed to install grub even with chroot getting this msg hwd-chroot no linux system found. Anyway I already spend a lot of time playing around so I guess I will install Manjaro without Raid.

thanks for all the help...

It is better not to use automatic mode in this kind of cases. Mount your raid to /mnt and

   manjaro-chroot /mnt

Then, assuming you had booted in the correct mode, grub installation should work.

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Please also file an issue on Calamares' issue tracker:

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