Random freezes on Asus TUF Gaming A15 laptop

Lately I've been experiencing random freezes on my Asus TUF Gaming A15 laptop, the screen will freeze, ctrl+alt+f2 doesn't work either and the capslock indicator light will start blinking.
I am not sure what the culprit could be for this, but it might have something to do with the computer having been in sleep mode previously when using any linux kernel newer than linux56.
Though I am currently on the testing branch, this has been occuring on the stable branch as well.

Here is my journalctl log around the time of the freeze:


Well, I can now confirm that the kernel doesn't have anything to do with it, as it also happened on the linux56 kernel.
But I am now quite sure that it has something to do with sleep mode.

Ok, it seems like sleep mode doesn't have anything to do with it either, the freeze happened when the screen turned off on the lock screen without the laptop having been in sleep mode...


It most likely isn't hardware related, since I have ran memtest86 for 24 hours straight, without there being any memory errors, freezes or crashes.

This laptop does have an unusual hybrid graphics setup though, builtin radeon graphics on the cpu with an nvidia rtx 2060 discrete gpu.
It seems currently, that support for these types of setups is not ideal.
I'm currently using an mhwd driver setup from here: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/t/merged-into-testing-adding-amd-nvidia-hybrid-support-to-mhwd/131875.
With this I am able to get both the intergrated radeon gpu and discrete nvidia gpu working, though the screen has a tendency to start blinking at a regular interval when it turns off and back on again. Turning the screen off and back on again stops the blinking: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15998CQowg2IBzLr7QrayBunDI_IJY4fx/view?usp=sharing. (Sorry for the crappy camera footage btw :smiley: ).

I'm not sure if a memory leak, or other problem due to a graphics driver could crash the whole kernel though..

This indicates a kernel panic, so yes, it's either the kernel or a driver.

Check for BIOS updates, switch to the latest kernel, make sure you're up-to-date, wait for better driver support for your laptop.

Will do.

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