Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero: Hands on with Manjaro ARM and PiCore Linux

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If anybody used Manjaro ARM Media edition on a Raspberry P1 b model, can you tell me how is it compared to OpenElec or similar?

Hi...i am a new user here.

According to announcements on the Manjaro and Manjaro-Arm websites, the Manjaro-Arm project is being shut down. A longer post in the Manjaro-Arm Forums explains the details about why this is happening, and what is going to happen to the existing distribution and infrastructure.

In my opinion it is the best of the non-Raspbian distributions for the Raspberry Pi, and my recent posts about running it on the Raspberry Pi 2 & 3, and especially on the Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero, showed how much I enjoyed it.

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You probably want to cast your eyes over to #manjaro-arm ...

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