Raspberry Pi 4 Manjaro Gnome Edition

Actually there is no Manjaro with Gnome Desktop environment for ARM/Raspberry Pi 4 available.
I have tried to install gnome manually but there are some packages missing/not provided for arm64.
The missing packages are:

  1. manjaro-gnome-assets
  2. manjaro-gdm-theme

Can you please provide these packages for arm and a Manjaro Gnome image for ARM/Raspberry Pi 4


I, personally, think this is a bad idea. GNOME is a memory hog, I recommend that you try xfce/kde/lxqt, they can easily be themed to look like gnome.

However I agree that the packages should be provided for arm

We theme our editions our own way. So using theme packages from Manjaro x64 is only gonna be done, if we need them in our theming.

I don’t understand the problem here... Isn’t it very easy to provide these packages for ARM/Raspberry Pi 4?
If I am right they only need to be build/compiled on ARM and pushed to the repos without any code changes.
Or is that incorrect?

Sure, it's possible.

But we do our editions in our own way. They are not the same as the x64 editions.

We want to stand out, compared to x64. Not by much when we are talking looks, but still.

Also, the Gnome edition is not maintained/complete. Gnome is a bit heavy on resources for the ARM boards in general.

You can try using manjaro-arm-installer avalible from the official repositories of manjaro and install the experimental version of manjaro arm gnome.
Not saying it's a good idea but you can try it and see if you like it.


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