Raspberry Pi 4 MSD boot is here

Raspberry pi devs have started pushing out MSD aka USB boot support as the next BETA series.

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Thanks for the heads up. I just pushed their latest latest firmware start.elf binaries as mentioned above updated a few days ago into the unstable branch. They will be there when the mirrors sync:

raspberrypi-bootloader 20200512-1
raspberrypi-bootloader-x 20200512-1

I am not set up to test this right now and have not searched yet for any guidance on implementing this but the new beta eeprom is here (after upgrading to raspberrypi-bootloader 20200512-1 / raspberrypi-bootloader-x 20200512-1 of course). When some one figures out the procedure please post it here.

eeprom beta

These will probably be released via rpi-update in a few days time.

Still need to wait for the newer start.elf files to be updated by the RPF engineers ?

I have no clue if there will be any new updates or not to the packages I just pushed for the start.elf files. I do know every time the new kernel is updated they pretty much update them to the latest kernel at the same time and they did not do that the last time the kernel was updated to 5.4.40 or I would have upgraded them also to the new kernel. I thought this was strange and checked back for a few days for an upgrade.

Time will tell......

I did manage to get the eeprom flashed with the latest that was pushed to their git 2 days ago by having to do some hacking of the rpi-eeprom package from AUR and rebuilding the tarball pulled down with the latest from the git. I could not find where they had the latest. It seemed to be ok and my sdcard still boots ok but a MSD terminal came up when trying to boot off a usb stick and near the bottom of the text it said:

USB-MSD requires newer software
start4.elf: is not compatible

So guessing will have to wait for the latest .elf files to show up in the git as the ones I pushed yesterday appear to not be the right ones.

I am guessing the eeprom files would probably ok I have flashed or they would not have pushed them but will keep an eye on them also in the next few days.

eeprom beta

[ray@pi4 ~]$ sudo rpi-eeprom-update
BCM2711 detected
BOOTLOADER: up-to-date
CURRENT: Fri 15 May 2020 10:05:52 AM UTC (1589537152)
 LATEST: Fri 15 May 2020 10:05:52 AM UTC (1589537152)
 FW DIR: /lib/firmware/raspberrypi/bootloader/beta
VL805: up-to-date
CURRENT: 000137ad
 LATEST: 000137ad
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Please subscribe to this GitHub issue to get updates. They did mention that a new start.elf is needed.

This is great news! It's so tedious right now if I want to switch OS's and I'm running the root / dir from an SSD and booting from an SD. I actually dropped an SD card and lost it in my heater/radiator the other night when I pulled it out of my desktop.

It went to join all the microSDs in microSD heaven! :joy: :joy:

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Well, it's working now.
On Raspbian.

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This should update the actual firmware on the device though, right? Meaning you can specify to boot from config.txt after you run through the upgrade, and boot Manjaro?

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Working on Manjaro-ARM also. As mentioned in the video above it is not released yet and with manjaro-arm I had to locate and piecemeal everything together. Hopefully things will get released tomorrow so it will be better getting things done building packages. It is late here so will see what tomorrow brings.

My test here was on a 16G usb 3.0 usb stick.



Would a migrate option be available to copy the new USB enabled boot partition to the USB drive from SD?

According to https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=274595&hilit=raspberry+pi+4+usb+mass+storage#p1663749 The msd-boot was migrated into master.
If I understand well
the new file is pieeprom-2020-05-15.bin and it's md5sum is 7e6c31d3c1af0787a567229ba2e444b9.

I look forward to hearing from Darksky to know how to install in my pi4...

Sorry but I had to leave the house today to take care of some business with a rent house. This mourning it was hectic building the required packages and as soon as I got one pushed then they would do an upgrade. I just got home and saw they have upgraded again because they did a kernel bump with the 5.4 kernel so now I have to compile another kernel to push. It just has not been a good day for me. lol

What I have got compiled and pushed so far to the unstable branch that will be needed is:


What I have left to build and test is the eeprom flash tool:


I know everyone is anxious to get this going and I am sorry for the delay.

We will wait. Don't worry ! But I may move to the unstable branch... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
One question anyway : will it run on a 5.6.x kernel or only on 5.4.x version ?

My understanding is any kernel. Only thing affected is the /boot files and flashing the eeprom onboard so it can recognize the USB device and boot with it.

Can i just copy my boot part to my ssd, fix part info and boot?

"What I have left to build and test is the eeprom flash tool"

This package is now is built and pushed to the unstable branch. Everyone will have to wait for the mirrors to sync:


I am now in the process of putting together a guide to post.

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