Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 GB RAM annnounced

I already ordered one, to see how well Manjaro ARM runs on it out of the box.

Raspberry Pi has really stepped up their game this year.


An 8GB ARM64 device is a welcome addition. Will make an excellent replacement for my current Pi Minecraft server.

Wow, I expect that is going to be a big seller. My 2008 desktop that I am still using has only 4GB memory, with 8GB RAM an RPi4 is becoming a worthy contender as a replacement!


My 8GB RPi 4 just arrived. It seems to work fine with Manjaro ARM!

The 8GB are detected. GPU Driver works just fine, as OC does (CPU and GPU). Now i try to fill up the 8GB of RAM :smiley:


Was also my experience. :slight_smile:

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I hope that it really resolves some of the issues I had with the 4GB Version as a "always-on" Desktop. Especially when you increase the CMA for the GPU while using KDE and Firefox, the memory got full very quick. Or at least to that point, where it begun to become unresponsive. So at last, the Raspberry Pi foundation is solving today's general issue with software by doubling the hardware :smiley:

But I love it. It is great and i hope to see more "standard APIs" like VAAPI for video acceleration with the transition to a 64bit OS.

Mine came in today and did a lot of my regular tests and all seems to be ok so far.

I also flashed the eeprom for MSD boot and it also went ok.


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Awesome. :slight_smile:

8 GB physical RAM and 12 GB of Swap (zswap) is gonna be a beast!

I have mine and I setup with the poe hat. Very clean setup and looking forward to the extra ram.

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I just discovered Manjaro on Rpi4 and it's simply amazing, being a long time ubuntu user on arm64, transition is rather simple. I'm positively shock for so many features on latest 20.06 OS. My Rpi4 8gb runs like a champ, I was going to order a 2nd one when unfortunately realized it's sold out at my authorized raspi retailer(buyapi). I tested it on my others Rpi4 4Gb and worked flawlessly as well. I'll be replacing all my Rpi4 4Gb with 8Gb versions as soon as stock is available. IMHO, raspberry hit the nail with a 8gb version. Most of their competitors are stuck with Arm CPU's cannot accept more than 4Gb, like Odroid-C4(shows promise), Odroid-N2, Nanopi4 v2.0 and RockPro64. Just for the record, I'm not trying to bash anyone, I own those boards too, they are just being shelf for the time being.

I agreed.
The new rk3588 SoC from Rockchip should also support 8 GB, maybe even 16 GB, but we won't know for sure, until they actually announce the specifications for it. :slight_smile:

Until then, Raspberry Pi 4 is the only SBC with 8 GB RAM available for regular users.


For the moment hoping that rk3399 boards are getting cheaper :wink:

After all for most of my use cases 4GB are still plenty.

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