Raspberry PI: Error Starting GUI on Plasma XDE

Hey there! I recently starting using Manjaro and greatly enjoy the experience! I have run into a puzzling issue though and was wondering if someone may have any ideas.

So far KDE has worked on every display except this one Samsung TV. I suspect the issue has to do with the drivers installed. Basically I boot up the OS on the Raspberry PI, I can see the login screen okay but then after I login I just get a black screen with a cursor. Notifications (WiFi, etc.) will pop up every once in a while.

I attempted pressing CTRL - ALT - F2 and running "startx" at which point I received the following error:

/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc: line 51: twm: command not found
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc: line 52: xclock: command not found
/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc: line 53: xterm: command not found
xinit: connection to X server lost

I have seen numerous articles on configuring display drivers with mhwd, but how do you do this on an ARM distribution?

It may also be worth noting that Manjaro XFCE works completely fine on this display.

Look forward to any assistance you all may be able to give!

Looks like startx is associaed with xorg-server instead on KDE. The xorg-server is most likely are not installed but you do not want to boot into the xorg-server desktop any way; you will be really disappointed.

Some of the tv's are really iffy with providing EDID info. My VIZIO is marginal at best. I'm sorry that I can not be much help.

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Hello and welcome to the forum,

As advised by @Darksky some TV do have issue with providing EDID information to the device but XFCE running on it means KDE Plasma have issue with it Maybe you can raise an issue with Kde Plasma git where you can provide all the information you can get from the logs this way it will be helpful for the kde team to acknowledge this issue and look into it.

Can you please share the name of the device you're running Manjaro on?

Thank you for reporting.

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