Raspbian 64bit announced


Raspberry Pi announced beta aarch64 build. This means hardware acceleration for video decoding could be in the works for 64-bit.

Is there a chance that Manjaro can pick up the changes once ready, or does the support need to be mainlined ?

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I would also like to know the difference between the following kernels.

  • linux-rpi4
  • linux-rpi4-mainline
  • linux-rpi4-next

Ofcourse we will. As soon as they put it into their kernels. :slight_smile:

  • linux-rpi is the current default kernel from raspberry pi (which is version 4.19 now), but will change to 5.4 soon)
  • linux-rpi4-mainline is the newest kernel branch of the rpi kernel tree, which is currently at 5.6
  • linux-rpi4-next is a preview of the next linux-rpi kernel, when it moved to 5.4, which means it's at version 5.4

I think that's correct, right @Darksky?

That is pretty much right. To put a finer point on it:

linux-rpi is what the RPi people consider as their default. Right now it uses the 4.19 branch. Soon it will move to the 5.4 branch. When it does you will notice on a kernel up grade in the near future all of a sudden it will be kernel 5.4. This will be automatic and no action will be need on anyone's part.

I put the linux-rpi-next kernel in the repo for people to test here to get ahead of the curve so to speak for any bugs they may come up against so we can get them submitted to the RPi people before it comes their default kernel. This kernel will probably go away in our repo when the RPi folks move to 5.4 as their default.

The linux-rpi mainline name could be a little confusing but in reality it is what kernel.org calls their stable release. Right now it is at 5.6 but in about a month kernel.org will move it to kernel 5.7. This is here because new features get added that is not in the earlier kernels like wireguard was added for one thing to name.

The goal is to have all available options for everyone here.

I downloaded the 64bit Pi OS image today and extracted the kernel/modules from it and plugged it into my Manjaro-ARM image and it booted just fine. I then extracted it's config and did a make bcm2711_defcong on the 5.4 tree (as their kernel in the image was 5.4). There did not seem to be any difference in their config and our 5.4 defconfig using meld. I noticed that they compiled their kernel from git. I never seen that before from them. Notice the plus sign on the end of the kernel version in pic below where i booted and tested their kernel on my xfce image..


All we have to wait for now is them get gpu hardware decoding workin since they are now in the 64bit OS business.!!!!!!

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Very nice. This could mean that when they switch the default branch to 5.4, we might have video decoding on 64-bit. :slight_smile:

Considering also

How much of this depend on the proprietary video driver from Broadcom?

The most exciting part is to think there could be an 8gb rpi model coming. . . I really just want USB booting though.

They have had no interest in porting their libs and code so ffmpeg-mmal and mpv-rpi can be compiled and work on a 64bit OS. I have read many people trying but have yet to see some one successful. Since they are getting into the 64bit OS now maybe they will make something happen.

Lately they have been talking a lot about v4l2 and vlc and chromium.

It is already out.
I have one and Manjaro ARM works great on it.
In theory they could release a 16 GB model at some point, since the SoC supports up to 16 GB RAM.

Damn how busy I get in summer. That's awesome!! Anyone want a 4gb? I'll let it go cheap. 8gb is more than enough for a desktop replacement computer.

Theoretically, yes, but there is currently no 16GB package that will fit on the Pi4.

The Pi4 is the first System to use the 8GB package on the board. It's brand new shiny technology.

So unless a 16GB package get's created, I'm afraid 8GB is the most most we'll be getting for now.

I mean, honestly, who needs 16GB? I'm fine with 4GB (okay, it crashes a bit, so I'm sort of considering 8GB), so it's not going to be needed in anything other than compiling (which manjaro ARM guys do)

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