Re-installing manjaro from MBR to GPT

my current file system MBR
sda1 (/root)
sda2 (/home)

first can i convert MBR from GPT whitout date loss?
how should i format durring the instaliton preferably without deleting /home
should i just split the sba1 to /root and to a 250MB FAT32 flaged with boot?

cant find sgdisk

[manjaro@manjaro ~]$ sgdisk -g /dev/sda
bash: sgdisk: command not found
[manjaro@manjaro ~]$ sudo pacman -S sgdisk
error: target not found: sgdisk

Looks like the gptfdisk package has sgdisk:

this not easy to only change MBR to GPT ,
Bios had to change in options ( EFI , secure off , etc..) to boot in EFI for GPT
check before booting on USB install

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