Re-securing my boot and changing back my boot order?

Hello, XFCE user here :grin:! So before I booted my image of XFCE on my PC, I had to change my UEFI settings to boot from USB first and also disable my secure boot setting. What I am wondering is how put secure boot back on and switch my first boot image back to the internal drive image? In other words how do I get to these boot settings from XFCE? Like an equivalent to going to change UEFI settings and rebooting your system to BIOS settings from windows settings. Also if it helps I have an HP motherboard.

Don't. Manjaro does not support Secure Boot.

Well, you enter the UEFI setup the same way as you normally would, i.e. by pressing a so-designated hotkey during the hardware boot process. Which key that is, is usually shown on the screen during the boot process. On my system here, it's F10, but other likely candidates could be Del, Ins, F1 and F2, depending on the motherboard.

Another option is to use the following command... :arrow_lower_left:

sudo systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

Thanks @Aragorn , it worked.

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A complete walkthrough for enabling Secure Boot on any Linux. Once you set it up, you can use sbupdate from AUR or dracut --uefi for generating bootable images signed with your key.

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