read-only file system (Manjaro OpenBox), why?

dear all,
I'm working with an usb external hd (FAT32).
This morning I can't do anything... from creating a new folder, emptying the rubbish bin (where most, or all the files are from the usb hd) etc.
Yesterday I developed some raw files from this hd using a Windows application (Sigma Photo Pro) via Vine and deleted some using the application, something I don't usually do, could it be that? [I realize mine is a very uneducated guess].
Or is it a sign of a soon to fail hd?

Thanks, have a nice day & stay safe :slight_smile:

It would seem like the filesystem may have been damaged.

You know that a Windows application run through wine does not require a Windows based filesystem?

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yes, I can't remember if that hd was already formatted like that when I bought it, or if I used FAT32 as I sometimes plug it to Windows machines.

How do I fix the file system (provided there's a way different from formatting)?


You can use fsck on the unmounted device

$ lsblk

Then as root run fsck on the partition

# fsck /dev/sdy1
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