Read only usb stick

So, I have a USB stick for my old laptop and I need to copy-paste there my EFI script but I can't do it, how can I fix it?

Seems to be an USB Flash Drive which has a livecd flashed on it. So obviously this drive is read-only and therefore permissions can't be changed.

You need to change it on the extracted iso and rebuild it.

Btw why do you want copy paste an "EFI script" there? I am just curious. :upside_down_face:

That is sad... So I have an old PC which has x32 EFI but x64 system and no one Linux distro has it by default so I thought I can just copy-paste it. Maybe you have any idea how do I do it? Can I use Manjaro?

Hey! I guess your old PC has then x86/32bit CPU? Then you need to install the 32bit version. But Manjaro doesn't support 32bit anymore. There only some older releases from April 2019 with xfce desktop:

Could you open a terminal and enter lscpu and post the output here in a codeblock like this?


There are a few threads on these monstrosities ..


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