Reading solved questions in the unsolved queue

In the newbie corner, when I see someone saying "Hey thanks that solved my issue" I tend to post:

If any of the above answers resolved your original issue, please do not forget to mark the correct one as "Solution" as per the screenshot below so that your question gets removed from the "unsolved" queue.


If none of the above answers solved your original issue, don't despair: someone else smarter will come along! :wink:

If you have another issue now, please feel free to create a new topic instead of trying to ask someone who is an expert in your old topic but might not be in your new topic... :scream:

We thank you for your cooperation!


So that the next person coming around does not have to read the entire thread before they notice this has been solved already.

However, now I've got my standard nailed down, and was trying to post this twice within a few minutes of one another, I was warned by the system that:

This post is too similar to a post you recently posted.

Is there any way around this limitation??? (E.G: I need to be patient and become a level 3 user)

Yes, I did get around it by making the create new post link a bit less complex, but that's just a workaround for now...

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Just be patient.

It's a system against spam and copy/pasting posts to rapidly after another is considered spam.

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You've just made me mark one of my own posts as the solution ─ which it legitimately was ─ because the original poster couldn't be bothered doing so. :grin:

I still have a few other correct answers floating about unmarked, but it would take me too long to find them all. I've been posting valid solutions since late April 2019, and sometimes the OP marks one of their own posts as the solution, because newbies always know everything so much better than experienced users, you know? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that I know nothing and I've been working with computers since the 8-bit era (Z80 was my first CPU) :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Quite frankly I find that "standard disclaimer" irritating and cluttering your posts.
Please do write what you have to say to help solve a problem or bring a point to a discussion but not this how-you-should-behave-now template.
A friendly reminder to mark a solution is warranted after some time has passed and the OP failed to do so but IMO you're just too aggressive about it.

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In my opinion.
If you write this in a thread you are not involved in it is a nice gesture. But it can also be shorter like
Who-solved-sgs :wink:


Please m-i-s-100 by @XYZ .

When I see a resolved thread, I mark it as such with

I m-i-s-100 ! :slight_smile:

Or for newbies

Hey @newbies
I m-i-s-100 by @XYZ for you. :slight_smile:

The whole thing without pictures would be even better because of the forum memory :wink:

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It was just my opinion on what you want to do is up to you.
But I would ask you to distance yourself from PM, for once there was nothing in yours that could not be written here.

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I understand that you're trying to help me, and thank you for that, but I don't understand what you're trying to tell me.

  1. Is my canned comment too aggressive? (I try to be nice)
  2. Is it too long? (I re-use the same screenshot and don't upload one every time)
  3. Should I not post it if I'm not involved in the thread but do see an answer when I see it?
  4. Something else entirely?

:confused: :sob: :grin:

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  1. -3. Yes,
    +2. good way for pictures.

It looks like a begging letter to me. Give me kudos, please, please.

But like I wrote twice, only my opinion.

Understood now... So stop posting that message and let the Level 3 users take care of it.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent: :+1:

Once I reach Level 3, I'll be able to mark someone else's answer as the solution as well, so I'll just be patient instead of begging asking for kudos. :innocent:

Nochmals danke! :smiley:


Maybe this is only possible from trust level 3 on, but have a look in another thread.

I mark it solved by @Fabby :slight_smile:


Ich werde das tun! Danke noch einmal wieder!
Yup, I'll do that once I get enough rep! (I verified and can't do that (yet) ).

Thanks yet again!


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What, we have levels. I'm going to start referring to the noobs everyone as "The Users".

Correction: You're a n00b! :grin: :wink:


I'm a "member" (Which doesn't mean anything yet as SGS pointed out)


P.S. In one year's time when you're a forum gold member and I'm still just a member, I'm pretty sure you'll point me to this post every couple of days...

:wink: :grin:

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I corrected it LOL :hugs:

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