Rebuilding kernel 5.7 with custom options for "anbox".

Hi! I was trying to rebuild the kernel 5.7 with the custom options written to the config file. But those options couldn't take effect after successful compile and installation.

The steps I took as followed:
First I git clone the kernel source from manjaro gitlab. Then I extracted the archive. I edited/modified the config file with the options which are required for anbox. Then I ran this command "updpkgsums" on the same folder. after that, I ran this command "makepkg -sri" to compile and install the kernel, which it did install the kernel without any error but I still can't find those two (ashmem_linux, binder_linux) kernel module needed for anbox!

I think my building process was wrong, especially editing the config file. I modified the config file with text editor nano to add those options. then I did run "updpkgsums" to update pkgbuild. then I ran makepkg -sri, which did compile and install the kernel without any error. But after install and reboot, I couldn't find those options on current config.gz. What did I do wrong during the rebuild process?

Did you follow...

Maybe you need to install the kernel-headers? That was my solution.

pamac install linux57-headers

Yes I did. I did try to mount binder but I got error "binder filesystem unknown".

I did install kernel headers.

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