Recommended IDE for C and HTML

Hello everybody,

can you tell me please which IDE you would recommend for C and HTML?


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I personally use vscode for pretty much everything (vala, golang, c#, python, javascript...).
Some alternatives (at least for C): gnome builder, codeblocks, atom

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For C i use "kdevelop". The best app of "KDE". But kernel development (modules etc.) not makeable with this IDE. If you want do this try "vi/vim" or "nano" in terminal.

And HTML i use the webbuilder of my hoster. But you can also give "Libreoffice" a chance.:shushing_face:

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Asking for recommending is quite subjective.

What suits e.g. my workflow may not suit yours.

If you are looking for something adding intellisense to your coding I can highly recommend CLion

Again for webcoding I use WebStorm

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Okay, maybe I should explain a little bit more :wink:
I'm just a student and want a free IDE. My first programming language was Java and now I want to start with C. For Java I liked IntelliJ very much.
Something for beginners and simple applications would be enough.

It is as subjective - There is no recommendation - just a lot of choices - which only you can make.

It all depends - but you probably know - source code is pure text.

The issue is - write all from memory and learn the hard way or choose IDE's which offers intellisense and can help you remember the available keywords, building blocks, syntax etc.

Already mentioned IDEs

  • Code Blocks
  • Builder
  • Kdevelop


  • QT Creator
  • Anjuta
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • Lazaruz


  • Vi(M)
  • Nano
  • Micro

GUI Editors

  • Geany
  • Emacs
  • Atom
  • Visual Studio Code

I use Medit, an editor, for HTML and JS coding. It's super fast and doesn't consume much RAM but has some nice features (quite configurable interface, dual pane mode, integrated terminal, user-defined commands which can be also put on keybindings, etc.). However, it doesn't have this nice autocompletion menu thingy or a list of all defined functions or variables in a sidebar. It's just an editor.

edit: Actually, I just now found out that Medit does have the list of functions and variables functionality, I was just missing ctags as optional dependency. :smiley:


I just found out that the software from JetBrains is free for students. I will try their products first because I'm used to IntelliJ and like it very much. Thanks for every answer!

You will not regret that decision - their products are highly addictive - which may be why they offer free license for students.

They know they will pursuade their employer to supply license - so long term - it is a win for JetBrains.

Their products are simply the best - I am highly opinionated and addicted to JetBrains IDEs.

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