record video / remote control flashing desktop

my system info
picture from teamviewer
can you help me?

I assume It's a problem with team viewer? You haven't given much information and nobody is going to want to 'download' your system info, it should be in the post.

See here

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I solved this by myself

open menu, type manjaro settings manager enter

go to hardware -> hardware configuration

install video-modesetting and remove video-linux using right click

restart and screen will never tear when recording again

It shouldn't make a difference. video-linux detects and applies optimal drivers while modesetting is the default xorg drivers cooked into the kernel, for an AMD or Intel GPU I would expect both settings to result in the same drivers being used. For an Nvidia system you would need non-free drivers for anything more than desktop usage.

Glad you're up and running in any case.

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