Refresh mirrors

I've set the mirrorlist to nearby country's only, but it took al long time to get updates yesterday.
So I wanted to refresh the list with pacman-mirrors -g.

But it generated a new list with the same 3 country's.

How can I generate a new list with all the country's again?


Maybe edit /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf line OnlyCountry & comment it (#)

try with

sudo pacman-mirrors -yc all

That is the one I was searching for!
I looked in the pacman.d folder, but couldn't find the right file.


i have had the same problem as you: i was confused by the different config file locations and names. this is the reason i included all relevant config files in pacui's "configure system" option:

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Some pacman-mirrors flags effect generation of the /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file, others update the /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf file.

If you have trouble remembering a flag either use pacman-mirrors -h to work it out, or just update the .conf file yourself manually.

## Empty means all                                                                                         
OnlyCountry =

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