Reinstall All Packages on a new install

I'm running a dual boot system, and I might be nearing a new Windows install.
This means I might need to reinstall Manjaro, as Windows ain't the most polite OS when it comes to sharing space and I feel Windows will break my Manjaro install. It well might be a good opportunity to rethink how I split the space between the different OSes.

The problem is: my Manjaro install is just perfect. It works as I wish. Packages, etc, all in place.

I'll certainly back-up my ~, but what about the packages? Is there a way of generating a list of things and cram it onto Octopi so it restores a new install to its current glory?

I could also try to restore a Timeshift back-up. Has anybody tried this path? Does it work as intented?

Certainly, if you are happy with your system, a backup is the way to go.

If you wish a list of the packages you have installed, this is the best expression I have found.

comm -12 <(grep -Poe '\[ALPM\] installed \K\S*' /var/log/pacman.log | sort | uniq) <(pacman -Qeq | sort)

You could save that to a file and then pass the file to pacman pretty easily.


That's nice! Does this makes distinction between explicitly installed packages and dependency ones?

Yes, it takes the list of explicitly installed packages and intersects it with all the packages in the pacman logs. The reason for comparing it with the logs is that if you only take the list of explicitly installed packages you will get everything that was installed with the ISO.


I did it 4 times with Timeshift and they all worked like a charm.


that ■■■■■■■ awesome solution! added it to my aliases

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In this case I installed manjaro on a different disk and removed this disk
until "Wind**fs" is installed.
Now starting manjaro and Win-bootloader from Grub.

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