Reinstall Windows 10 while keeping Manjaro as main OS

Good afternoon,
could anyone help me out and guide me on how can I reinstall a windows 10 copy (I have an ISO from microsoft on a bootable usb) while still keeping manjaro as main OS?

I'd rather not got thru the process of reinstalling all SPSSes , Matlabs and others again - if thats possible.

As a side note - manjaro is fully functional, grub is working. I just messed up with windows and need to reinstall it from scratch.

Thank you

Question: are your needs for those specific software temporary or permanent?

Matlab can be run from Linux. SPSS maybe not. If your needs are transitional and you have no other use for windows, I would just make a windows virtual machine. Not only will it work nicely without all the partition and dual boot mess but you can even take snapshots and revert to them easily so your virtual machine is always salvageable.

I use windows for one or two highly specific softwares (maybe once a month) and I went the virtual box path. No regrets.

I can't.
Both matlab and spss are on linux. But there is other software (like biopac) that needs windows and won't go in a virual machine.

So... I just need to reinstall windows 10 while keeping manjaro as it is.

You should be able to to boot from ms media and perform an install. Grub will be overwritten though. I think you'll need then to boot from Manjaro live media, chroot and install grub again. Let's see if someone else confirms that's all you need to do.

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Just follow this link.


Actually I ran the ms install usb, chose to install win10 on the same partition it was before (but formatted) et voila. Grub is untouched. Manjaro is intact and windows is fresh new.

Piece of cake :slight_smile:

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For the record I'm very impressed the windows installer didn't touch grub given the rep it has from the past. This is one for the books!!!!

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Actually, this makes sense for UEFI systems. The actual problem relates to MSDOS/MBR systems, ... for the record. :wink:


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