Remap shortcuts systemwide (copy, paste, ...)

Hey people,

I switched from macOS to manjaro and am very happy. Even bought to a normal laptop and sold my MacBook.

But I find having to use ctrl instead of cmd very uncomfortable while coding.
Is there a way to remap shortcuts systemwide?

I would like to change:
ctrl+c to alt+c
ctrl+x to alt+x
ctrl+v to alt+v
ctrl+s to alt+s

You get the picture.

If I have to, I'd even remap the alt and ctrl keys.

Thanks very much in advance.


Look in Settings > Shortcuts > Standard Shortcuts

Thanks. But there is no "Shortcuts" in Settings. I can go settings > keyboard > shortcuts for programs, but that doesn't help me :(.

I'm using xfce btw.

Hope the translations match up with the actual names in settings :D.

You put KDE tag in your post, so was easy for me to make the assumption that you provided the correct information about your DE ... :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, you are totally right :)!

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