Removing other Linux after Manjaro installation

After installing and trying Manjaro, i wanna keep it, remove previously installed Linux distro, and also keep previosly installed Windows. All systems are on the same disk. /boot is separate. Previous linux been using grub. Would it work if i just delete the partition with previously used linux? Will efi boot will figure things out for itself? Or what would be the proper way to do this?

  1. Ideally i'd like to rearrange all partitions - Windows, Linux, and Microsoft Reserved. Is it posssible? Or if i move Microsoft Reserved Partition the whole thing will collaps?

Thank you!

The easiest thing in this case is to reformat the partition other distro is on and mount it on Manjaro, maybe as /home or something else.

If you decide to repartition the drive, make a good backup on a separate drive if you attempt that, as it is quite possible you'll mess it up and have to reinstall everything.

Make a good backup regardless, even if you don't do anything :wink:

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Perhaps you could post the output of:

sudo parted -l
(that is lowercase L)

to give the forum an overview of your disk setup. And also indicate on which partitions the other Linux OS and its bootloader are installed.

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Number Start______End_____ Size File system Name Flags
1_____1049kB____630MB____ 629MB____ fat32____EFI System Partition____boot, esp
2_____630MB____33.0GB ____ 32.4GB ____ ext4_____LxSysP
3_____33.0GB____33.0GB____ 16.8MB____ Microsoft reserved partition__msftres
4_____33.0GB____87.4GB____54.4GB____ ntfs____WinSysP____msftdata
5_____87.4GB____128GB____ 40.6GB____ ext4____SYSM

The 2nd (LxSysP) is the previous Linux, which i'd like to delete and give that space to Windows

Though not impossible, but to do what you want involves moving around and resizing of some partitions with the possible risk of data loss/corruption. I would personally backup my personal data from Windows and the Linux OS:es (including hidden files and folders containing your user's settings) and rebuild the setup from scratch. Installing Windows first and the Manjaro second.

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Alright, after a short research, in my case, seems that the optimal solution is just to reinstall both systems. Thanks for your advises, guys, it helped with the decision.

Otherwise, the first step would be to move "Microsoft Reserved" Partition using diskpart in Windows.


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