Removing Windows from Dual Boot (Step by Step)

Hello, I'm in need of a step by step guide on how to remove the windows operating system from my Laptop. I'm Dual Booting Windows 10 side by side with Manjaro KDE 17 Hakoila. I'm using Manjaro's GRUB to select between OSs, I have a 1TB HDD, it's partitioned so that Manjaro sits on it's own 500GB Partition and Windows 10 sits on it's own 500GB partition. I'd like to remove Windows such that the 500GB allocated to Windows is given to Manjaro instead without having to do a Reinstall of Manjaro.

Thanks in advance.

Really "Step by Step" how does anyone learn anything by doing it like this? The answer you seek is out there you need to make an effort to find it. Only then will you learn how to use and manipulate your Linux OS. And I am sorry for posting this, it just gets to me when people don't make an earnest attempt at their query. BTW, make sure you back up what you can not be without. And again I am sorry for my rant. I am sure someone out there will be more than happy to share their recipe with you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Backup your data, just in case.
  2. Boot from a LiveUSB.
  3. Use gparted to delete the Windows partition and extend the Manjaro partition.
  4. Boot to Manjaro.
  5. Update the grub (sudo update-grub).

But you could indeed have searched a bit."remove+windows+from+linux"&t=ffab&ia=web



I've searched already for solutions online but I first of all realized that for a Manjaro Forum like this one, it's weird that there's a post helping people get rid of Manjaro from a Dual boot and not one assisting those who would like to keep it instead. Also, I wanted to be absolutely certain that the steps I read on other forums pertaining to uninstallation of Windows in Dual Boot setups weren't different from what I would get here as most of them were focusing on Debian based systems like Ubuntu.

It's critical that I get this absolutely right as setting up the Manjaro to the exact way I wanted it was a lot of work.

But I understand your concern. Thanks.

Does the Version on the LiveUSB have to be the exact version of Manjaro on my PC? As in if it's the live USB I used to install it in the first place but over time I've been upgrading my Manjaro with the latest updates, will that have any effect?

You only need it for gparted, so any will do.

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Thank you so much for this.

The ultra simple way to remove Windows is

  • Boot to your Manjaro installation (no live media needed)
  • Install gparted package
  • Remove your Windows partition(s) using the GParted application
  • Run update-grub command

If you have only one $esp (EFI System Partition) partition do not remove it :slight_smile:

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How would I resize my Manjaro Partition Whilst logged into Manjaro? Wouldn't that have some sort of consequence?

The question - I believe - was how to remove Windows.

I will recommend against resizing/moving your Manjaro partition.

I have heard users report such resizes having moved the partition and in the process changed the UUID thus rendering the system unbootable as the boot parameters contains an invalid UUID and fstab too. This is not persistent so you might as well succeed so just see this as a warning and act wisely.

Depending on how your system partitions is scattered create one or more partition and mount those in one or more empty folder.

If you want your regained space to appear contiguous you can create a LVM (logical volume) and then assign regained space to that LVM and mount it in an empty folder.

Whichever solution you select you have to assign the right permissions to the folder.

On a single user system you can do a simple ownership on the folder to your username ( do it before copying data to it )

sudo chown $USER:$USER /your/chosen/mountpoint

You might be interested in ideas for relocating different kind of data to other partition(s) to avoid lengthy data restoration or to simplify a reinstallation of your operating system.

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