Renew grub boot loader after upgrade Win7 to Win10 with dual boot?

I have an 12 year old non-EUFI laptop which dual boots Manjaro i3 and Windows 7. I am about to blow away Win7 and upgrade to Win10. I realize Windblows will destroy grub and install its own boot loader. I think I have found the right way to reinstall grub?:

Assuming this is correct, more or less?

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Yes, it is, although the procedure as explained in that post is a bit too elaborate, given that you do not need to test your system for whether it runs in BIOS mode or UEFI mode.

I would suggest booting up from the live medium and then opening up a terminal window, in which you issue the following commands...

manjaro-chroot -a

That should fix it, and then you should be safe to reboot. :wink:

you have to do a restore grub
boot on USB manjaro ( not your disk )
open a terminal and returns

inxi -Fxxxza 
parted -l 

I have upgraded a Win 7 partition to 10, and to my surprise, it did not blow GRUB or anything else for that matter into oblivion. The procedure can be done like this:

  • use Linux to visit the Microsoft website and it will provide you with a unique download link to a 5 Gb ISO.
  • put the ISO image to an USB stick at least 8 GB large.
  • start Win 7 in the usual way
  • insert USB stick and click setup.exe.

Then enjoy the highly cringeworthy experience of installing Windows 10, that only serves to remind you how good Manjaro is. It will also remind you that Windows 7 wasn't that bad after all.

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