Replace entire login process to custom that you developed

I'm working on a project where I want to replace the entire login process in manjaro i3. I'm developing a voice recognition deep learning model that I want to run at the login time, instead of agetty asking for the username and then executing the login command which checks for the password in /etc/passwd file.
I read about how init process works and how agetty starts and completes the login process, so do I need to make changes in the getty@tty1.service file or there is some other way?
Thanks for reading this.

Do you mean GRUB or the DM or both?
(anyways I thought an interesting approach might be to use systemd)

it's not my cup of tea, but it seems to me that it's possible to create pam module (for exemple systemd-home use a pam module or pam-face-authentication).
And with sudo, since a few days we can create python plugins ?


kinda OT - but very cool mention. I will have to look at that.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
Its neither of them. As far as I know, everything works in units and in order like I read here.
Arch uses systemd as default init which calls getty once for each virtual terminal, which initializes each tty and asks for a username and password. Once the username and password are provided, getty checks them against /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow , then calls login.
I want to replace this process as if instead of getty askign for username and password, it just runs the script I ask it to.

@papajoke thanks for video link. I had a look over it, it says

You can develop a plugin which analyzes on-screen activity in real-time, and breaks the session if the infamous “rm -fr /” command appears on screen. And similar things we can do.

This is about extending the sudo to do things while the session is active, what I need is to run somethign at the bootup time which will replace the getty process askign for username and password which is a pat of init process.
The idea of PAM modules seems good, I came across it when I was looking for the way to do this. BUt it doesn't seemed to help much.
The thing is init runs many scripts in an order, which even calls getty. What if I can replace just his step in entire login process 'instead of calling getty or getty asking for username and password, it runs the script i ask it to run'

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