Replace Ubuntu in Windows 7 dual-boot

I love Windows 7 but due to EOL and hatred of Windows 10 I've decided to move into Linux territory. I installed Sparky Linux first, which crashed with the proprietary Nvidia drivers, and Ubuntu 19.10 next... which I didn't know couldn't run Steam. So onto Manjaro, another distro which I hear good things about. So I have on HDD Windows, and one drive to install Linux. I have no intention of mixing the drives so I'm not worried about Windows (which I have backed up with a few games anyway :blush:) but I want to keep it so we can safely ignore that drive. What I would like to do is simply replace Ubuntu with Manjaro. I saw some people mention that one must use Rufus in DD mode to create a bootable USB, but outside of that it should be is the error I am currently receiving related in anyway to Ubuntu and should I format the Linux drive in Windows diskpart first?
I will include a photo of the error
"error: unknown file system.
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>"
Or is there perhaps a proper line of commands I csn run in this rescue mode which I have control over, or at least can type in... I have no idea how to control is :rofl:


Only you know what it is you did during installation. :man_shrugging:

But that said, you should never ever attempt to use Microsoft Windows for creating and/or formatting GNU/Linux partitions. Use the partitioning tools provided on the install media.

You also haven't told us whether this is a BIOS- or UEFI-based installation, and you haven't provided us with any information on your system. The help we can offer you is only going to be as good as the information you provide. Therefore, please read the post at the link below. :arrow_down:

How to provide good information in your posts


Ok to start its UEFI, secure boot is enabled (cannot disable altogether but rather set between Windows UEFI and "Other OS") and as for drivers and things I think it would be whatever is included Manjaro Xfce 18.1.2 because I am attempting to boot directly from a USB into a live environment or is that wrong? If so in Ubuntu I am using the proprietary drivers in for an Nvidia 980 ti, tho not sure of which version as Ubuntu 19.10 autoinstalled that. Any other hardware you need me to tell you I'd be happy to list it. Also I have no issue booting into either Windows or Ubuntu right now this issue is purely when attempting to boot Manjaro from USB.

There's your problem: Manjaro does not support Secure Boot, so you must disable it, as well as that you must also disable Fast Boot.

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Fortunately fast boot is disabled by default, but I think I'm screwed then because as I said my motherboard, at least by default, doesn't support disabling secure boot. Asus Prime z170-e. Was purchased new so for an intel core kaby lake processor so there was no need for a UEFI update but I think I will now update and see if the option to disable secure boot becomes available.

To disable secure boot on my old asus board I must delete the win-keys, after that the option to disable it appears.

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What do you mean and how?

In BIOS, but maybe they changed it, so YOU must search in MB manual, Intenet ...

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Secure boot is disabled as well as fast boot but the same error remains.

Again, last time

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error: unknown file system
Entering rescue mode...
Grub rescue>

Attempting to boot from USB into Live environment
Install media created with Unetbootin
Secure boot and fast boot are disabled
Nvidia 980ti graphics card and kaby lake processor
Any drivers loading , unless I'm mistaken should be what is included in the Manjaro Xfce 18.1.2
However in Ubuntu, which boots with no issue I am using proprietary drivers already. Windows 7, which has its own hdd, has also boots with no issue.
I would love to show you exactly what the command line looks like but since it does not boot there is no way for me to copy paste, only to type it out as I did above. If you can point me to where there may be logs accessible to me from within Ubuntu I will be able to copy and paste those from within my PC as currently I'm using my phone. Anything else?

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