Repo-compare on Official Manjaro Webpage

I was thinking that it would be great if we can have repo compare on the official Manjaro Website.

Most people wouldn't know that exists, and manjaro32 is dead at the current moment. Before Jonathan created repo-compare, I used to go to Repology often to find out what is in each repo.

We could always just put a link or redirect or something

I had written a compatible version with is in issues
is available in French version (and other look)

  • more light
  • can find in all repos
  • new and removed packages

I was initially thinking that, but then I was thinking that maybe it's better to have Manjaro officially have their own maintained version instead of a community version, in case something happens. Manjaro could fork repo-compare, or absorb it with @jonathon's permission.

:slight_smile: Johnathon is in manjaro team :wink: and repo-compare is in manjaro gitlab !

ps: and is good to change name : is not a repo compare but branch compare :wink:

Yes, I know. But repo-compare is his community project, not official Manjaro project. That is why it's linked on his manjaro32 page instead.

This has the benefit of not needing to refresh the page for different branches when you search.

That's quite silly of me for not actually noticing that I linked directly to that but didn't realize that it was on the Manjaro gitlab page haha.

Still, would be nice to have it hosted on instead of :slight_smile:

It could be in this section:


@papajoke can you point me to your version? I like to have also the global search feature and checking for kernels only is also nice. I would integrate it to very soon.

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oh. didnt notice the kernel part. also nice.
I kinda think I would prefer a larger default result and a way to link to searches
(ex : .. but thats nitpicking.

Oh wow, this looks great!

The Kernel section is really useful too! :wink:

source code linked in issue

exists 2 backend : one sh (as original) and one php (for fr)
front is only js with ajax for json generated by cron backend

OK, I've integrated it now: @codesardine might give it a better look and theme it with some CSS magic. So far so good. I only found an issue when you are in the process generating a new database snapshot the homepage throws errors.


correct deteted to deleted

YAY! <3

Can you please also have a link to it on the main website as well? Probably under the "Packages" section.

Page title says Repository comparison for $repo which looks like some variable isn't working as intended.

Looks like someone redesigned and pushed the new version of the Branch Compare today!

It looks gorgeous! It works so smoothly as well.


For some reason, Firefox told me the Plasma Browser Integration extension is causing the site to load a lot slower, so disabling it made the page load faster. Weird...

I liked the colored, underlined diff highlights before, and now it looks almost indistinguishable on my end:


Other than that, it looks good, and I like the footer having a dark background now.

Update: It looks like the diff styles got fixed recently. Thank you Manjaro devs!


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