[Request]: Add the Slimjet Browser

I suggest that the Slimjet Browser package should be added. As for now it is only available on the AUR repo . It is one of very few Chrome-based browsers with a default and built in Mouse-Gestures that works well on Linux (without the need for the double click "workaround" to reach the browser context menu). It is also easy on computer resources.

Note: For those who wants to try Slimjet, at FIRST launch enter $ /usr/bin/flashpeak-slimjet %U

What's wrong with the AUR package?



The slimjet licensing only allows it to be distributed in "its original form without any change". Repackaging it would likely be in violation of the licensing.

It works in the AUR because the AUR package pulls the binary directly from slimjet.

Lastly, since it is binary, there really aren't many downsides to it being the AUR.


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